Through Midtown music marvels, Boulevard Park elm trees, Broadway hideaways and old train stations, Sacramento contains a compendium of creativity, full to breaking with artists of every style and medium. What these artists share is an irreplaceable sense of place, a community that loudly transforms and grows and yet remains silently grounded. Roots run deep here but also branch out, intimately intertwining artists and audiences, sites and sounds, community and individuality and growing leaves that rarely fall despite art’s intemperance. It’s clear that there’s something much larger than ourselves here. But equally apparent is our profound connection to it.
Illuminating the distinct features that compose Sacramento’s spirit, a new online publication Live in the City of Trees will study Sacramento’s creativity through a multimedia of features – an artist and venue directory, show listings, an ever-widening view of Sacramento’s blogosphere, and original videos of Sacramento musicians as they perform acoustically within the city’s ambient atmosphere. Live in the City of Trees will be a focal point to connect, observe and communicate – one single space cleared for the sole discovery of our city’s primordial places, fragrant trees and echoing songs.
Watch, listen, join in and give us a ring at liveinthecityoftrees@gmail.com. Support is all we can ask for as artists in this city. Thank you for all who have signed on already and all that will in the future. See you on the street.


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